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1. What is the scientific-base for the personality and talent test of Excel Generation?

The field of dermatoglyphics has been researched since 1800s. At first, it studied the surface of fingerprints to identify each individual in law enforcement and criminology. Then dermatoglyphics has opened to research about one’s health potential risks and conditions. Using dermatoglyphics to discover one’s personality and talents is a newest application, however, has been developed for more than a century. Please click here to read the full Literature Review.

2. How can I apply the personality and talent report to develop myself and improve my life?

The report tells your innate personality and capacity, and provides recommendations for improvement practices. The Excel Generation consultant will give you deeper explanations and more practical examples. For further development, our coaching program will create optimal conditions and supports for you to maintain your improvements and achieve your goals.
The crucial rule is that you need to use your strengths to build your competency and conquer your weaknesses; this is the most efficient way to utilize your energy. The other way of trying to overcome your weaknesses first will only waste your efforts.

3. What is the competency of Excel Generation, in comparison with other career and college counseling services?

Our consulting services (including analysis contents and coaching programs) are customized for each person. We commit to understand you (including your perspectives and personality, but not limit to, strengths and weaknesses) and the field in which you are evolving before giving advice.

4. What is the competency of Excel Generation, in comparison with other personality tests?

Our scanning method significantly reduces self-bias as you can’t adjust yourself to answer situational questions. In addition to the scanning test, the reflective interview of your living experience will provide you credible explanations about broader aspects of your personal and professional tendency.

5. How confidentially is a client’s information protected?

Firstly, you have the choice to provide us two of your preferred identity information, such as name (nick name), encoding number, date of birth, contact information, or security questions. This ensures we deliver the right report to the right person, and you have your important confidentiality unknown.
Secondly, after scanning your fingerprints, we will derive only necessary numeric data for the analysis, and erase all pictures of your fingerprints with your observation. These numeric data do not represent your whole fingers; this guarantees your fingerprint captures will be deleted from our record and your identity is protected.
Thirdly, upon your request, your full report and consulting profile will be deleted from our system after the service is completed. If you would like to contribute your data automatically for further research, we will erase all of your identity information, and only keep the analysis for research purposes. This requires your signature.
Last, all contents about your reports and services are confidential between you and your consultants. We commit not to breach the contract of confidentiality and copyrights. Unless there is permission from you and Excel Generation representative(s) to disclosures, any parts of the contract cannot share information with other party. In case of unpredictable accidents or data breech, we will immediately send you an email about the accidents to prevent further risks.

6. Can we predict health potential risks through fingerprint scanning?

Although demartoglyphics allows predicting health risks; we DO NOT provide any information about this aspect including physical and psychological disorders. Our expertise focuses on talent developments, college and career success.

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