How it Works

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The process includes

✓ Comprehensive clarification
✓ Voluntary declaration
✓ Personal Measurement
✓ Data Analysis
✓ In-depth Consulting

Our standards

✓ Thorough process

✓ Confidential protection

✓  Genuine and personalized analysis

Your privacy and security

At Excel Generation, we value the importance of your privacy and security. You have the choice to provide us your legal name or any nick name that you feel comfortable, also you need to provide us your date of birth for the analysis’ accuracy. No other identity information will be required.
After you receive your personalized report, you can either request to erase your data or keep it in our secured system for further exclusive services and research development.
Your Excel Generation web account provides secure and easy access to your information, with multiple levels of encryption and security protocols protecting your personal information.
See our Privacy Policy for more information.