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A developing research.

Discover an objective way to identify a person’s characteristics.

Based on the studies of the relationship between fingerprint patterns, density, distribution and human characteristics.

Based on the research of lifespan psychology and neuroscience.

Based on the reflection of growing environmental effects.

This report uses the scientific method to give an objective analysis of the person, and that is really important to me. It captured nuances about myself that I had been aware of but did not consciously know.
Petersen Walrod

CEO, Qidian Inc.

10 measurements. 3 reflections. 6 analysis.

What to expect in a Personality and Talent Potentials report

Typical characteristics define your uniqueness. Tendency of thoughts and behaviors.

Potentials of talents: 09 types of intelligence, 09 types of potential strengths.

Unconscious methods of gaining knowledge: Motive learning vs. Reflective learning, V-A-K model

How it works

Applying the results in reality

Understanding your unconscious self and others’ to embrace the uniqueness of each person. Acknowledging the difference to reduce conflicts and increase corporations.

Utilizing your potentials to develop strengths and conquer weaknesses. Being aware of a suitable environment for an individual to grow, fulfill, and excel.

Opening a personalized pathway for professional success. Matching enlightening talents with the organizations.

Developing attachments and guidance in parenting. Nurturing familial relationships between partners and siblings.