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“The story of a person thriving for achievements, seeking his/her true self and overcoming challenges is always inspiring. At Excel Generation, we have an honor and pleasure to hear from our clients such inspirational stories. And we appreciate that we can contribute a small stone in building up our clients’ success. Some of our clients are excited to share with you their stories. Let us spread the inspirations!”

I ordered the test for my son who is going to 11th grade. I would like to have an early preparation for him before college. The counselors at school is good, but their advice is so generic and lack of guidance that suits my son’s abilities. There are also many career paths that my son can select.

I knew about Excel Generation and asked my son whether he would like to try. He said yes… I remembered he spent 2 hours doing test and interview with the consultant. The process, although took more time than I thought, went smoothly and relaxing for him.

We are both satisfied with the results and consultation. It is fantastic that the consultant could report exactly my son’s characteristics without knowing him before. Besides, she gave us detailed explanation about his personality and potentials.

At the end, we received a specific list of career that my son can pursuit, which includes analysis of job descriptions, qualifications, requirements, and market trend. We also get practical guidelines for my son to improve his learning skills and else.

I have found it more understandable and effective to communicate with my son, and assist him into college.

Tyne Tran
Business owner / VNN Travel & Investment Inc.

My friend did the test and she told me I should do it. At that time, I was in a middle of many choices and plans. I thought to myself if I could give it a chance to help me find the answer. And it did.

The Personality and Talent report for Adults exceeds what I expected. I can see a hidden self of mine in every word of the report. I can see even those inside things I never expressed outward. It’s thrilling and amazing.

What impressed me is that I not only get the recommendations for my career, but also for my life. I had a chance to reflect myself and others in the relationships, and I understand more of it since then.

Thai Phan
Plumbing designer / AME Design Group

I received the free service for honest review. The result is so surprising that I have become awake to who I really am, what is the purpose of my life, and what I have to do for my future.

I realized that I had been living for others’ expectations, and had suppressed myself for so long. After the consultation, I got many useful advice that I can make use of, such as how to improve my confidence, maintain my good mood, and protect my wellness from environmental effects.

I finished college well and have found my way to follow my dream: a good nurse helping many patients to overcome their physical and psychological pains.

Hence, I feel peaceful and happy now.

Natalie Nguyen
RN Student

I have always been interested in psychology, and as a teenager I used a lot of different tools for self-discovery. Some were effective, some were not. Either way, using these tools was an important way of understanding who I was.

Excel Generation’s finger print profiler gave me the most interesting and objective looks at my own personality that I have ever received. A lot of tests can speak very generally, but this test is extremely specific. It captured nuances about myself that I had been aware of but did not consciously know. It helped show why I am good at certain things and why I am not. It also helped me to understand what my true talent was, and explain why I had it.

This report uses the scientific method to give an objective analysis of the person, and that is really important to me. Moreover, Kim, the person who worked with me, was fantastic, patient and made sure to explain everything. She really knows the in’s and out’s of the technology that she uses. Her analysis uses her understanding of human behavior to provide answers to important questions and advice for what to do with the data.

I would highly recommend that anyone should use this service. Not only is it fascinating, it is also very helpful and accessible.

Petersen Walrod
BA / University of Southern California - CEO / Qidian Inc.

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